Only a few hours left of 2013, a year which was very eventful to me and  full of surprises! I can only wish this upcoming year to be as good as this one or even better. I hope all of you will have a great time tonight and celebrate it in some stylish heels for me as I am wearing a snow boots in mountains today. But……. from tomorrow I’m back to some heeled booties 🙂
Speaking of New Years Eve, I couldn’t find any more appropriate shoes for it like those Charlotte Olympia On Time Clock face suede ankle boots, which are currently on sale in Selfridges for a real steal from £895 to…£358! 🙂


It’s nearly Christmas time and it’s time to forget about all the last minute shopping and settle down for few days with the family to enjoy this time together. I wish it was snowing in UK now just to top up the festive atmosphere, but seeing all the decorations everywhere more than makes up for it:) My first Christmas tree looks great and I can’t stop staring at it.

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Looking online for a Christmas tree I bumped into a last year’s picture of the most perfect Christmas tree every shoe addict can imagine! I was absolutely stunned by it and the whole idea of actually creating a tree inspired by Christian Louboutin’s iconic Pigalle spike-heeled pumps.

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I woke up yesterday and as usual checked my emails …to find out that WINTER SALE is now on on Tory Burch website! Without thinking too much I jumped out of my bed for the computer, looked for the Theodora Booties I’ve seen few months ago …and here they were…for half the price!

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December is a busy month where everyone goes mad about Xmas shopping and I….patiently wait for the winter sales. Although they already have started in US (Net-a-Porter ahh…..) here in UK only a few shops marked down their prices. Most of the department stores start their sales immediately after Xmas – mainly on Boxing Day or the day after that. I don’t think so I will be queuing outside Selfridges at 4.30 am that day but I will definitely be prepared for some online shopping the day before (you can grab yourself a bargain a day earlier before they are available in store). 
In a meanwhile I’m putting these 2 babies on my Xmas wish list and hoping I will manage to get at least one of them 🙂