I’ve seen these beauties few weeks ago in a Flannels store and couldn’t leave the shop without them 😉 I love every detail from the minimal stitching due to an intricate three-step shaping technique to the elegantly curved slim heel. Gucci’s polished-leather booties are a testament to the label’s exquisite craftsmanship.  A simple masterpiece made for the modern fashionista who loves excitement and luxury.

These shoes will change any outfit into a dangerous look and at the same time seductive like a special female agent on duty.

 Remember my ladies that good shoes are effortless, they make-up as much as 50% of your total look  and when you match them with the right clothes – you can reach your 100% score 🙂 
Do you agree with me? 
Boots – Gucci “Kim”


  1. oryginalne i bardzo stylowe! musiały kosztować fortunę, ale na Twoim miejscu nie żałowałabym ani grosza (centa) na takie cudeńka 🙂


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