If you are thinking of visiting Provence I highly recommend you go when the lavender, also known as “blue gold” is blooming in late June through  to early August.

A literal field of dreams, these rolling fields of lavender were the reason I wanted to visit Provence in the first place. I had dreamed of visiting this area many times so this summer I decided to drive all the way to France to see them.

We found several spots to see lavender fields starting from famous Sault, going through Luberon and eventually ending up in Plateu de Valensole. One of the “do not miss” stops along the way was the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Senanque, which is the 12th Century Cistercian abbey where the monks grow lavender and tend honeybees for their livelihood.

Provence has lots of small hidden villages which are only accessible by narrow and bendy roads so having a car is a must. Usually the only tourists there are French so if you don’t speak the language make sure you have a little phrasebook with you, which becomes very handy 😉

This is really a magnificent dream vacation where you wake up early morning in a beautiful violet paradise, enjoy the local cuisine, see some hidden places and take beautiful photos. Provence is an open-air museum, where you can go and watch the show.

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