When it comes to visiting Paris every fashionista needs to think wisely on how to dress in order not to end up looking like a typical tourist with trainers and a backpack on ;). At the end of the day it is the capital of fashion, so you make sure you look presentable at all times. The goal is to keep your style effortless, modern and comfortable.

The best way to experience the City of Light is by foot so forget about high heeled shoes and pack some comfortable smart looking flats. They will become your best friend in Paris.

It is possible to cross the entire city in only a few hours but only if you can somehow keep yourself from stopping at numerous picturesque cafes and shops on almost every corner. You must therefore give yourself a plenty of time to just wander and for allowing yourself to literally get lost. In particular, the intimate streets of Montmartre, the Latin Quarter or Saint Germain are the best areas to soak up the atmosphere of Paris.

That’s how I’ve spent most of my days there, drinking cappucinos in cafés and eating macaroons (a must do is of course the famous Laduree and Angelina) while generally loving every corner of this gorgeous city. I didn’t forget of course about shopping and visiting one of the most beautiful department store’s which is Galleries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann.

It is hard not to be seduced by Paris. It’s a magical place and I can see why so many flock here. It exudes culture, sophistication, and style. Like millions before me, I could not help falling in love with the city. Such a cliche yes but also very true…

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Trench coat – Burberry

Jeans – Victoria Beckham

Shirt – Hollister

Scarf – Galleries Lafayette

Shoes – Chanel

Bag – Karen Millen


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