Cricket hosted a glitzy and glamorous fashion show as part of Liverpool’s first Celebration of Style event, which hopefully will cement Liverpool’s reputation as the fashion capital of the North.

For those of you that don’t know anything about Cricket – it’s about time you do your homework. It’s a chic designer boutique in the heart of Liverpool which stocks pieces from some of the biggest leading brands. Run by the owner – Justine Mills and her team it is a designer shopping mecca for every fashionista who’s visiting the city. It is also a popular WAG destination but don’t feel intimidated, as friendly staff will make you feel welcome and are always helpful.

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I mainly do my designer shopping online, as you can find much more brands than in a department store and not everyone has Selfridges or Harvey Nichs at their doorstep anyway. Some of these websites are well known but there are few online boutiques which you may not have heard about. It’s good to add these links to your bookmarks and keep an eye on upcoming collections.  Another benefit is to subscribe to their newsletter and quite often you will receive some special offers via email including 10-20% discounts, free shipping etc. 

     Websites and stores that every shoe addict should know about: